What is Tarbiyah Intensive?

Tarbiyah Intensive is a transformative program for students to get in touch with traditional sciences that are directly taught from an unbroken chain all the way from the Prophet ﷺ. Students will immerse themselves in a 10 month journey whether it be full-time or part-time, onsite or online, that will strengthen their Arabic language to allow them to be articulate enough to understand the Qur’ān, build a foundational structure of Islāmic Studies, and indulge in the righteous company of fellow motivated students and respected scholars. Our goal is to empower Muslim Americans to spiritually uplift themselves and those around them, and to serve the community at large to create a better tomorrow.

What will students gain?

Students will gain the ability to understand more than 85% of the Qur’ān, become fluent in reading and writing Arabic, memorize applicable ḥadīth, understand the life and embody the character of the Prophet ﷺ, understand fundamental laws of Islām, and truly appreciate what it means to be a Muslim.

*DISCLAIMER* Non-Refundable. Once you have made a purchase, we cannot refund the payment and student will not be able to opt-out of the course.

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Tarbiyah Intensive - Islamic Theology & Spirituality

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Tarbiyah Intensive - Islamic Theology & Spirituality

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